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The following fees apply as of January 1st, 2018.

Initial physiotherapy consultations at our clinic last 1 hour and follow-up physiotherapy consultations usually last 45 minutes. During this time, you will be treated 1 on 1 by Mr. Akbari who is a registered physiotherapist. If your condition requires shorter 30 minute follow-up consultations, Mr. Akbari will inform you of this after your assessment.

Please note that initial homeopathic consultations for most chronic conditions occur over 2 visits. The first visit will last 30 minutes. During this visit, Mr. Akbari will speak with you to better understand your problem and conduct a physical examination if one is needed. You will receive the appropriate homeopathic medical checklists and get proper instructions on how to fill them. You will then return for a second visit 1 week later. This visit will last 60 minutes. During this visit, Mr. Akbari will go over your checklists and symptoms with you and determine the appropriate homeopathic remedy to treat your problem.

Following your first visit, if your case is determined to be more complex and requiring deeper investigation, Mr. Akbari will ask you to come for a longer 3 hour initial consultation in order to begin your homeopathic treatment.

Fee Schedule - Rideau Physiotherapy JAN 2018

Fee Schedule – Rideau Physiotherapy JAN 2018