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Physiotherapy at Home

Our clinic offers at home services for patients who are elderly or who cannot come to our clinic because of a disability. We provide one on one physiotherapy to patients who are having pain, weakness or trouble with their balance. Visits will usually last 30 to 40 minutes and we will see patients 1 or 2 times per week until they feel better. No referral is needed. Our at home physiotherapy service has helped many patients recover their strength and mobility in order to return to the activities they love, be it simply to get out to see their friends or return to their favourite sport. Our treatments may include individually tailored therapeutic exercises, massage and manual therapy, equipment recommendations, and the use of therapeutic machines such as Ultrasound or TENS. Here are some issues and conditions we regularly treat through this service:

-Elderly patients who are having trouble with their strength, balance or mobility.

-Patients who fall often or who are scared of falling.

-Patients who might need a walker, cane or other adaptive equipment and would like to be assessed to know exactly what type of equipment is suitable for them. We can also make recommendation for equipment in the bathroom and shower and other places in the home.

-Patients who are at home recovering from a knee or hip replacement or other surgery and would like some additional physiotherapy on top of what is offered to them through the public system.

-Retirement or Long Term Care home residents who would like to have a regular one on one physiotherapy program that is tailored to their needs.

-Patients who suffer from pain or weakness that is limiting their function and day to day activities.

-We also work with patients who have dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or other cognitive issues.

What to expect

Our physiotherapist will conduct an initial assessment and build a treatment plan that meets your needs. We offer at home physiotherapy in one of 2 streams. In stream A, you receive regular treatments with the physiotherapist. In stream B, you receive regular treatment by a fully qualified physiotherapy assistant and regular visits by the physiotherapist every 5th or 6th visit. The physiotherapist will review your progress and adjust your treatment plan as needed. Stream B is more appropriate for patients who would require supervision or assistance to complete a customized exercise program or walking program at home. The cost per visit is less, which allows the patient to get more visits for the same price while receiving therapy which is fully guided and supervised by the physiotherapist.

To make an appointment, call our Rideau Wellness Centre office in Ottawa at 613-241-3434. Nous offrons tous nos services dans les deux langues officielles.