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Our Online Clinic

Our Online Clinic

Rideau Physiotherapy & Homeopathy offers live consultations with our specialists via video call systems such as Skype. For 3 years now, we have been successfully treating patients from all over the world via online consultations.

Online consultations work best when you have already consulted a medical doctor in your area and have received a diagnosis for your main complaint. Your doctor will also conduct a full physical examination with you, which we cannot do online. Once this step is complete, you can set-up an appointment with one of our specialists through the Rideau Physiotherapy & Homeopathy Online Clinic and receive the same quality care you would receive if you were right here with us.

Many of our treatment methods, such as homeopathy for instance, are highly effective through online consultations. This is because the assessment in homeopathy is mainly based on the discussion between you and your homeopath. The homeopathic treatment consists of lifestyle advice and homeopathic remedies that can easily be sent to you by express mail. Therefore, because of the nature of the assessment and treatment, many Natural Medicine modalities lend themselves ideally to online consultations. These include Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Nutritional Counselling. For you, this means that you can receive the same quality care whether you are at our Ottawa clinic or accessing our services through the Rideau Physiotherapy & Homeopathy Online Clinic.

Scheduling your first appointment


To set up a consultation, contact us using one of the following methods:

  • Call us over the phone at 613-241-3434. Please leave a message with your details if we are not available.
  • Call us on Skype. Again, please leave a Skype message with your details if we are not available.
  • Fill in the Request Appointment form on our website and we will contact you. Please mention your city and country and when it would be best to call you.
  • Our administrative staff are knowledgeable and will link you to the specialist which is right for your needs. If we cannot take your call, we will contact you within 24 business hours.                                       
  • Alternatively, BOOK ONLINE BY CLICKING HERE.    Wesen Natural Medicine Logo


Once your appointment is booked, you need to download and fill the patient form relating to the service that you have chosen. Please choose one of the following forms. Click on it to download. 


Once you have filled in this form, please save it as a PDF (Portable Document Format) and email it to us at mokhtar.pt.hom [at] gmail.com. You may also print it, fill it out by hand, and fax it to us.


On the date of your appointment, sign in to your Skype account, accept our invitation and receive your Skype call to begin your online consultation. It is as simple as that. If your specialist prescribes any remedies or supplements, they will be sent to you by express mail as soon as your prescription is made.

What to expect from a Homeopathy consultation

The initial homeopathic consultation lasts 2 hours, where our specialists will assess your condition and propose a treatment plan which will start at this visit. Subsequent visits will be between 15 to 50 minutes, depending on your needs. Patients will need to schedule visits once every two to six weeks depending on the individual treatments being recommended. For acute ailments like colds, coughs, and other infections, you can obtain a 5-15 minute visit by contacting us by phone or through Skype between 2 and 5 PM Eastern Standard Time on Tuesdays.

Online Physiotherapy Consultations

If you cannot come to our clinic, our physiotherapists can help alleviate your pain by giving you medical advice and specific therapeutic exercises to do at home. This can be done through an online consultation with us. This option is best for people who do not have immediate access to a physiotherapist in their local area, but would like to benefit from the professional advice that a physiotherapist can provide. In such cases, it is best if you have been able to see a doctor first so that he can diagnose your ailment prior to your visit with us. However, this is not mandatory. Although we will not be able to conduct a full physical examination through our online system, we will be able to provide you with advice to relieve your pain, including medical advice and exercise handouts which will be tailored to your specific needs.

The initial physiotherapist consultation lasts 30 to 50 minutes. Our physiotherapist will assess your condition and propose a treatment plan which will start at this visit. Subsequent visits are 25 minutes or more depending on your needs. Some patients need visits once per week and others twice per week depending on the severity of their condition and their goals. We will set goals with you at your initial consultation and work with you at every step to achieve them.

Professionals you can trust

All of our specialists have been certified and accredited to practice in Ontario, Canada. As such, no matter where you are, you will receive quality service from professionals you can trust.

Follow-up visits

  • After your initial appointment, we will book your follow-up consultations with you. If you have not been able to book your follow-up consultations, please contact us to do so.
  • Payment for all follow-up consultations are due at the end of each visit.
  • You will also receive automatic email reminders for each consultation 48 hours in advance.

Cancellation Policy

Unexpected situations can happen in life and we understand this. If you need to cancel your appointment, you can do so 48 hours in advance without any charge. Appointments that are cancelled with less then 48 hours notice or missed will be charged a 30$ administration fee.