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Illustration by Kristen Uroda for NPR

To help me change, accept me.

Illustration by Kristen Uroda for NPR.

Healing can be paradoxical in many ways. Seeking help with an issue implies that you have a problem that you need fixed, that something is wrong and that you would like it to change. Usually, you see a medical professional, receive a treatment and feel better; your problem is solved. That is the way we expect medicine to work. However, what if trying to change someone and trying to fix the problem becomes a barrier itself to healing for that individual? In the case of mental health issues, this may be the case. In our striving to fix things, to solve problems, we can become so focused that we forget to simply love and accept the person we are trying to help. I have, in my own personal experiences, witnessed many times the transformative power of love and acceptance. As homeopaths, our job is to walk this fine line between treatment and loving acceptance. We are acutely aware that each individual has a deep connection to an element in nature, be it a mineral, plant or animal substance.¬†This connection forms and shapes the individual’s painful experiences, both physically and emotionally. On one hand, we offer medicines to help a person come out of the unhealthy state, in which their attachment to this substance creates. Our medicines help our patient shed their¬†false beliefs and perceptions, to see hope in a situation that seemed dim before and to grow closer to their true nature in order to become who they truly are. Conversely, while we walk this path, we should be mindful that part of the true healing comes from the love and accept we feel from others. Our patients are not broken objects needing to be fixed; they are beautiful gems who need to be admired and uplifted with tender hands, the way a gardener tends to his shrubs pruning them when needing, but always singing to them in his heart.

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