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homeopathy consultation

What to expect during a homeopathy consultation

Thinking of trying your first homeopathy consultation? The initial homeopathic consultation lasts 2 hours for chronic long-lasting conditions. During this time, you will mainly speak to your homeopath about your general health issues and your main health concern. This means that our aim is not only to help you with a specific part of your body, but to assess and treat your body and mind as a whole. As such, the assessment will look at all of the aches and pains that you carry in different parts of your body. We will also be asking about your digestion, sleep patterns, food preferences and significant health concerns that you have had in the past. This is to better understand you as a whole in order to be able to help you as a whole.  

        In addition, homeopathic remedies work best when they are tailored specifically to what is individual and unique about you. Therefore, any information about your personality, your quirks, your likes and dislikes will be valuable to your homeopath. You will also find that we might ask you to observe your body very closely and share more detailed information about the specific sensation in an area of pain or discomfort. The homeopath will ask you about what conditions worsen or improve your symptoms, what time of day they get worse, and other such questions that are aimed at understanding what is unique in the way this disease is being expressed in you. Finally, as your mind is also part of who you are as a whole, we might ask you questions pertaining to what events or situations stress you in your life, what worries or fears you have or have had, and even what you dream about at night. As our personalities and minds are what are most unique about us, this information helps us to better individualize your case, which in term will lead to better results in your treatment. However, please note that you are completely free to choose what you feel comfortable sharing with your homeopath and are under no obligation to disclose any personal information. Indeed, we can still help you even if you do not wish to discuss mental/emotional information at all.

Furthermore, another very important topic in homeopathy is the understanding of what needs to be cured at the core of the patient. Oftentimes, the symptoms we have on the surface of our body are only signs of deeper imbalances within us. Here, you can see yourself as a tree and each one of your ailments as a branch of this tree. The homeopathic consultation also aims to help you understand what is going on in the trunk and at the roots of your tree. What is the deeper cause of your different ailments, and how are different problems in different parts of your body all connected together at the trunk? This will allow your homeopath to give you a remedy that will not only help you with your chief ailment, but that with some time will also help you move towards a deeper sense of well being inside yourself.

At the end of your homeopathy consultation, the homeopath might suggest treatment right away or ask you to wait for some time (a few minutes to a few days) so he can go over your case. Homeopaths often spend hours analyzing a case and working for their patients after the consultations, even after follow-ups. When the analysis is completed, your homeopath will consult with you and go over his recommendations so that together, you can build a care plan that is tailored to your needs. This could include any of the following: receiving information from your homeopath on how your symptoms are linked together and what needs to heal in you on a deeper level; recommendations on lifestyle changes related to sleep, exercise, nutrition or other factors; advice on removing any obstacles, physical or emotional, that may impede your healing; and finally, advice in regards to a homeopathic remedy that could help you with your presenting symptoms and general well being.